Sunday, November 29, 2015

Early Literacy Resources

I'm working with a teacher on creating quality literacy centers and have compiled several *FREE* resources into one spot for easier access.  A special thanks to the creative teachers and parents who have shared these resources on their websites or blogs.  Many of these resources are hands on and creative ways to help children with sight words.  Hopefully you can gain some ideas with a resource or two! 

25 FREE Literacy Handouts for Parents by Primary Punch on TeachersPayTeachers - This is a great resource for parents to use at meet and greet, conferences, or parent nights at school! And, did I mention it's free! is a differentiated website with flashcards, lessons, strategies, and games to help build speed and fluency with sight words.

Uno Sight Word Game by Ms Jessica - Practice pre-primer sight words while having fun playing this family game! It includes the same directions as the original game, but players get to practice sight words! has great online e-readers with easy word patterns and sight word practice games.

21 Sight Word activities from Mrs. Perkins with materials needed, goals, and centered around gradual release model.  

50 Sight Word Activity Ideas from Childhood 101 is a great blog resource for quick and fun ideas with directions and pictures!

Take Me Out To The Ballgame - Sight Word Game from

9 Hands On Sight Word Activities from Make, Take, and Teach

More Than 100 Sight Word activities from

If you've gone through these resources and still haven't found THE ONE, check out the endless SIGHT WORD search results on Pinterest!