Thursday, May 14, 2015

Connecting Learning with a Purpose

My name is Andrea Townsley.  I am an educator from a smaller district in rural Iowa.  I spent the last eight years teaching in a fourth grade classroom at Benton Community Schools.  I am now in my second year in a new position: Elementary Curriculum/Professional Development Leader & Instructional Coach with Iowa's TLC grant. 

My family is made up of my husband, Eric, who is Middle School Principal at a neighboring district.  We have two children: Emma (4th grade) and Kaiser (kindergarten).  I spend the majority of my day in elementary classrooms across Benton Community working with teachers as an Instructional Coach.  The curriculum/professional development portion of my day is spent ensuring teachers have resources they need to make their content delivery successful and consistent across our large rural district.

The purpose of this blog started as a documentation for my learning at an eight-day workshop at Grant Wood AEA called 21st Century Learning Institute.  I hope to utilize this space publish reflections on my learning during this course.   My hope is to have it continue to evolve after I am finished with this class and that this space gives me an opportunity to connect and reflect on topics in which I'm interested. 

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