Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Connecting with the Community

Every October for the last three years, first graders at Keystone/Van Horne Elementary Centers have chosen to turn the month into "Socktober"!  This mission was inspired by Kid President's "Socktober" video back in 2013 which promoted kids "taking back the internet and doing something awesome".  Anna Upah (@AnnaUpah) and Samantha Happel (@SamanthaHappel) thought this was a great mission, so they provided an opportunity and their students took the lead!

It all started with this Socktober call to action by Kid President in 2013.

KCRG, our local news station, came out and did an interview about the awesome things students were doing in Mrs. Happel and Ms. Upah's first grade classrooms.   CLICK HERE for the story and video!  Kid President even heard about the impact these first graders were making and gave them a shoutout on his Facebook page!  

News clip from Van Horne's Socktober in 2013!

In 2013, first graders at Van Horne Elementary collected over 900 pairs of socks!

Last year, students collected almost 1,100 pairs of socks

Another favorite Kid President video is a pep talk to teachers and students!

So, here's our latest call to action!  Happy Socktober, 2015!

Please send us some new socks and we'll donate them to our local homeless shelter at the end of the month!  If you want to skip the post office, head over to and they'll ship them directly to us; just make sure you attach a note with where your socks are being shipped from.  We'd love to get socks from all 50 states!  

You can send your new socks to:
1st Grade #Socktober at Keystone Elementary
PO Box 306
Keystone, IA 52249

If you'd like to know more about #Socktober, click HERE.  Thanks for your support!

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