Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tech Ideas

Looking for a way to infuse more technology into your classroom? Check out the list below and choose ONE to investigate more.  

Kathy Schrock - - HUGE collection of resources and ideas!  You can't go on this website and not learn something! 

SAMR Thinglink - SAMR Smash from @hneltner - Click on the ThingLink for more info on these SAMR infusion ideas! 

SAMR ThingLink - from - quick and easy list of how to reach the levels of SAMR in your classroom!

Great list of Free Apps for Educators from Gary Toews to help you get started.  Pick one and go from there! 

Start with the basics - Google Drive Cheat Sheet from holds Step by step directions on how to learn more about how to organize everything Google Drive!

1 comment:

  1. I love your "SAMR SMASH"! That's a great way to look at doing some "App-Smashing" with students. Is Benton 1-to-1 with any devices?

    If you have time come check out my personal blog! Keep up the great work!