Friday, September 25, 2015

Connected with Families and our PTO

The support teachers receive from parents at Benton Community is second to none.  Our parents have a great connection with helping out at our school through active Parent/Teacher Organizations, or PTOs.  This year our three PTOs in the district combined into one amazing PTO.  We decided that with the great deal of restructuring that took place in our district it would be a great idea for all of us to work together toward a common goal of student support as one stronger team.  We joined together the Atkins PTA, Keystone/Van Horne PTO, and the Norway PTO and are now joined forces as Benton Community PTO.  

Each year our PTO at Keystone Elementary has put on a Bobcat Dash.  This is an event promoting fitness and family fun! This is always our primary fundraising activity for the year. This fundraiser is put on solely due to generous donations and support of local businesses, our school parents, teachers, and our hard working students.

This fundraiser is comprised of several obstacles, in which families will complete together. **Think WIPEOUT without the commentating and concussions!**  They will do this all while getting dirty, laughing, and having fun!

We're so excited for the 228 participants and the 45 teams we have signed up! Visit this links below to see some of our previous years of fun!  

2013 Bobcat Dash Highlights

2014 Bobcat Dash Highlights

This year's obstacles! 

Our AWESOME Platinum sponsors!

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